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My Content!

Twitch Streaming

My primary mode of content creation is through streaming on Twitch! I am a variety streamer, who probably does too much chatting for my own good, but I love and enjoy hanging out with my community! 

I do play games (WHAT??! No way!) but we mostly chat lol.

When there's a schedule again, it will be put here, but currently, due to mental health and personal reasons, there is NO Schedule. Streams can happen at anytime, and also not happen at anytime for an assorted time

Youtube Videos

Im currently experimenting with video-form creation! Editing down Stream VODs into shorter form content, in the hopes of going for a more entertainment approach, whilst still keeping the vibes of the stream prominent!


Learning and putting in practice editing is a long process, but hopefully one I should get better at over time! I strive regardless, to edit the way I want to edit, which incorporates many secrets, easter eggs, and hidden lore, between the fun! So make sure you keep both eyes and ears on this! There will be much more to come!

Short-Form Content

I'm still experimenting also with shorter-form content, using stream clips and highlights with the new Twitch clip feature, and editing these slightly as well, whenever I can. Due to limited time constraints, this has been difficult to kick off, but slowly, this should hopefully clear up!

I will be focusing on mainly gameplay and chatting clips! Encompassing both comfy and chaotic vibes! This is more so for discovery sake, but I hope it to also have a positive impact on others too! 

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