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I am a very Eepy Sheepy

I have remained standing still so long that I have fatigue and now remain on the verge of comatose.

...OKAY, OKAY, Im kidding, alright! Here's some actual info for you lol:

I am an Autistic Australian Variety Content Creator and indie game enthusiast who strives to make a positive, inclusive, encouraging and safe space through all my mediums of content, whether that be streams on Twitch, Youtube videos, or other short form clips! 

I am an energetic bundle of wool that absolutely adores Indie Games, Action-Adventure RPGs, and Rougelikes, and much much more!


I can't keep my mouth shut for the life of me, but apparently people like the sound of my voice for some reason(?? *don't ask me, idk lol*)  so, a lot of the time, I might be a blabbering mess, and talk about absolutely anything, from hyper-fixations, to games, to anything that chat throws at me, and SO ON. 

I really hope you can enjoy your stay with me here, and wishing you an absolutely BAA-RILLIANT rest of your day!

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